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Héctor Molina

Cuatro, guitar

composer and

musical producer

A venezuelan composer and cuatro player who began his musical studies in 1992 at the Fundación Coral Niños Cantores of Mérida, his hometown, where he participated first as a singer and later, in 1994 as a musician. It is there where his interest for the guitar and the cuatro started, executing both instruments as a self-taught musician; with this group he would participate on tours all over the country and in 1997, in an international tour that included Germany, Italy and France. He undertook general music studies in 1996 at the Unidad de Música de la Universidad de los Andes. In 1997, he became a member of the Estudiantina de la Universidad de los Andes with which he participated in many national tours and two international tours: Colombia 1998 and France 1999. He then took part in the recording of his first album “El Malmanda’o”.


He has shared the stage with very acclaimed musicians like Cecilia Todd, Gualberto Ibarreto, Serenata Guayanesa, Rafael “Pollo” Brito,  Aquiles Báez, Cheo Hurtado, Marco Granados, Eddy Marcano, Gonzalo Teppa, Saúl Vera and Ilan Chester, along with the Symphony Orchestra of Mérida, Municipal de Caracas, Sinfónica de Venezuela, Carabobo Symphony, National Flute Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra of Utah. Since 2001, he has lived in Caracas where he joined the Grupo Instrumental de Cámara “Multifonía”, where he has had the opportunity to have a deeper approach to the venezuelan and universal chamber music repertoire from all times, letting him to actively participate as a composer and and musical arranger. He is a founder member of the venezuelan music ensemble “Los Sinvergüenzas”.


His work with “Los Sinvergüenzas” has already been included in three recording productions: “Bichoneando” (2001), “Desde Otro Lugar” (2007) and “Sinvergüenzuransas” (2012); Additionally, he participated in a couple of tours (2002 and 2006) over several cities in Spain with great success. He belongs to the “C4Trio” along with Jorge Glem, Edward Ramirez and Rodner Padilla, a group with which they recorded a homonym album in 2006, a big success in sales around Venezuela, and in 2009, the CD+DVD “Entre Manos”. Furthermore, he has participated in the ensemble tours in the United States, Europe and South America, besides many intense activities in the most important stages of Venezuela.


Besides from C4Trio, he is also a member of “Pomarrosa” ensemble, having participated in the recording of their album “Aguacero” (2008). He is currently finishing his degree in Music, specializing in the field of musical composition under the guidance of Maestro Federico Ruiz, and Instrumental Performance: Venezuelan Cuatro, at the Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes (UNEARTE).






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